Why I Became a Life Coach

I’m a Robbins-Madanes certified life coach as well as a trained psychotherapist. I am very passionate about helping other women create, make change in their lives and take action to shift the quality of their life. Here is the story that brought me to my path of becoming a life coach.

There was a period in my life where I was not feeling satisfied or fulfilled. I struggled to understand and break free from what I was feeling, but couldn’t quite get there. After some deep soul searching, I realized that a good part of my struggles was because I was living my life for others and not for myself. I was also living the story that was told to me and beliefs that were instilled in me.  I was living life through the limiting beliefs I was taught to have, what I was shown how to be, act and do for my career. In turn I was living my life confused because I was feeling conflicted, which left me doubting my wants and desires.  It got to the point where I had had enough. I was beginning to see that those beliefs were no longer a good fit for me.

I began working with a life coach to help me through this shift in thinking and grab hold of what it was I was seeking. Through my process, I began believing that it is safe to have my wants and desires. It is safe to be “different” from those around me, to follow my goals and be myself.  I was finally able to align with who I truly am with my desires and my dreams and not feel embarrassed or ashamed or that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve more than what I had. I realized finally, that I had a future vision of myself and I held onto it. My future self was strong confident, determined, motivated and happy in her own skin.  I love all of myself and I'm not standing on the sidelines, rather actively participating in life and fulfilled.  My coach helped me became a stronger individual by providing me with the tools necessary to become my authentic self and live a life that I’ve been desiring.

I still use these tools to this day.  Just because I had significant breakthroughs doesn’t mean that my self-doubts and feelings of uncertainty went banished forever. They still lurk and try to sabotage my dreams and desires but I am now equipped not to take them on and realign myself as often as I need. I no longer let them take control of my mind. My life and my business has since grown and expanded because I gained the tools and techniques to get me here. 

This became the birth of my passion and my desire to become a life coach and help other women have breakthroughs.  Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life. Not sit on the sidelines wishing, wanting, and hoping that “someday” things will get better for them. Becoming a life coach has given me the joy of being a messenger that life does not have to remain the same, as well as a cheerleader.  If you have the drive, the commitment and the desire you will have the fulfilling life, relationships and career you desire and deserve.

I have been in practice for over 20 years. Over these years, I observed that more and more of my work with my clients was shifting toward life coaching. I realized that once my clients gained insight and built their foundation of where their blocks stem from, our work together shifted into creating a collaborative action plan and coaching them through the action steps toward lasting change.  I developed a signature program where I create a personalized road map, including some of the coaching tools and strategies that worked for me, that guides my clients toward personal fulfillment. 

Is this you?

Are you ready to take action so you can get what it is you want?

Are you going to be the next woman I work alongside with creating the pathway and the roadmap to your personal fulfillment?

My purpose and my passion is to help other women see that they are not alone. That self-doubts are just doubts. That your true authentic self is ready to align with you.

Together WE can make this happen.

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