3 Month Journey

For the person who has a clear desired goal and is looking for support in navigating the process of getting there. Together, we clarify exactly what your desired outcome is from coaching and get to work on outlining the steps to reaching your goals. The 3-month package allows time to:

  • Outline in detail your long- and short-term goals – creating your vision
  • Identify, acknowledge and encourage your unique strengths and gifts
  • Uncover your blocks and limiting beliefs
  • ​Complete powerful exercises and action steps between sessions
  • ​Design an accountability strategy that works for you
  • ​Put in place new habits and practices that support your goals/desired way of being
  • ​Anchor Sessions: implementing new habits and practices that support may not always be easy for you, but the outcome is worth the work! This is why I’ve included anchor sessions in my packages.  

As your coach, I promise to:

  • Hold you accountable to the agreements you make with yourself
  • Encourage and support you through the successes and the challenges
  • Hold space for all emotions that arrive
  • ​Shine a light on your blind spots
  • ​Reflect what I am seeing in a direct and compassionate way
  • Be your cheerleader
  • ​Through your commitment, you will see results
  • ​Shake things up and have fun doing it! 

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