What Is Life Coaching?

Each of us holds what we need to create transformation inside of us. 

You only need to tap into it and your transformation unfolds. 

What is unique about my coaching services is that I strongly believe in my client's ability to change to reach their full potential. I truly enjoy being alongside my client and observing the internal transformation.

It is necessary to point out that your transition to a "new you" may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it! You may become fearful of change and return "home" to your default patterns of thinking that will try to sabotage your growth.  This is expected to happen as you are working toward creating a mindset shift that incorporates new healthy patterns of thinking.

This is when it is a perfect time to have a personal life coach who  guides and encourages  you  and offers you  the skills and techniques to lead you into your new  new way of thinking. 

My coaching services are done-with-you. 

You Receive These Unique Benefits:

  • Safe environment to come as you are
  • Walk alongside you during your transformational journey
  • Collaborative, done-with-you roadmap of actions step to reach your ultimate destination
  • ​Keep you accountable and on target to give you the results your desire
  • ​Anchor Sessions
  • Tool box of tips, strategies and techniques

Coaching Service Offerings:
My coaching services, not only include one-hour sessions but you may also contact me in-between your sessions for support.  I call these anchor sessions, where I will support you in what it is you may be uncertain about, or questions you need answered that come up during your personal journey and I will guide you through. I call these anchor sessions because they are proven to help my clients become grounded when they are experiencing self-doubt, uncertainty, confusion and maybe feeling stuck . Maybe you just need to connect and talk about your progress. Whatever it is be assured that I am there for you. What is special about my services is that I take my coaching role seriously and provide coaching, outside of your sessions, via phone, texting or email.

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